Primo Imperatore

Conservative Luxury

Primo Imperatore – a luxury brand of menswear created and entirely produced in Italy.

Philosophy and Values

The brand name is translated into English as 'The First Emperor'. If we turn to history, then the first emperor in the modern sense of the word was Octavian Augustus (63 BC - 19 BC), the grand-nephew of Julius Caesar and the founder of the Roman Empire. Despite the contradictory nature of Octavian, his historical significance and influence can hardly be overestimated. During the years of his reign, he significantly expanded the boundaries of the Roman Empire, although he himself was not an outstanding warrior, however, he was distinguished by flexible and far-sighted political thinking. Thanks to him, civil wars ended on the territory of the empire and an almost 200-year-old peace was established. He stimulated trade and built a clear tax system that ensured financial stability and prosperity. Administrative talent helped him build an effective system of government for the country from the capital to the distant provinces. He rightly said about himself that he 'took a brick Rome, but leaves it marble.

Under Augustus, construction took on a truly imperial scale , and the monuments of his era still impress us today. It is not surprising that his contemporaries called him 'the father of the fatherland', and we, two millennia later,pronounce his name as the month of August. Paying tribute to a specific historical figure, the name Primo Imperatore should still be taken metaphorically. Rather, it brings us back to the glorious past of the Roman Empire, whose inventions we use to this day. And they would not have been possible if not for the many rulers of Rome. Therefore, in this case, the 'First Emperor' is a collective image of an ideal ruler, incorporating the features of many famous personalities. It reflects the philosophy of the Primo Imperatore brand, addressed to strong-willed men with power - economic, political or even secular - that they use for good. It is not for nothing that many of the brand's products are embroidered with the Latin dictum Corrige praetertum, praesens rege, cerne futurum - correct the past, guide the present, foresee the future.

Design and Technology

The Primo Imperatore brand embodies the concept of 'conservative luxury'. In the modern world of fast fashion, the understanding of a quality product is practically lost. A luxury item today is called any product that has been assigned a high price, often for no reason. Customers convinced by marketers and advertising to spend money do not ask themselves what shapes and justifies that price.

Even well-known brands are trying to reduce their costs by making compromises in the choice of materials and production technologies. This inevitably leads to a reduction in the service life of products and the need for frequent replacement; this is how the cyclical mechanism of the fashion industry works.

For many years and even centuries, only those few and expensive brands, which are uncompromising in their quality and are honest with their clients, remain at their best. The creators of the Primo Imperatore brand have set themselves the task of returning to the true understanding of luxury, as it was before fashion became a global industry. At the heart of any brand products is serious expertise and a careful search for the best manufacturers in their niche, the use of advanced technologies combined with a centuries-old craft tradition, the selection of materials of exceptional quality and talented rational design.

The Primo Imperatore collection is produced in the Italian regions of Lombardy, Abruzzo, Marche and Campania, in factories, each of which has its own specialization. Thorough knowledge of technology allows us to create items of exceptional quality for Primo Imperatore. Experienced technologists find ways to bring designers' ideas to life. Their successful solutions are easy to see if, for example, one considers in detail the intricate, multi-textured knitwear of Primo Imperatore and compare it with the products of other brands in the same price range. Even in things as simple as a T-shirt, the brand doesn't compromise on quality. For example, the side seams of the T-shirt end with slots and the beautiful hand-made bar tack fasten the seam securely. The inner edges of the jeans are hemmed with a burgundy thread, which is a reference to the shade of the imperial standard. Many of the details are handcrafted, as evidenced by the Fatto a mano lettering on the inside of the jeans.

The Collection’s Materials

For the production of jeans, Japanese denim was used, as well as Italian denim with the addition of 2% elastin, which gives elasticity to the fabric and helps to maintain its shape. Even men who spend a long time in a sitting position will not face the problem of extended knees. For sewing shirts, the brand chooses fabrics from the best collection of the Italian Thomas Mason factory, and the buttons for them are made of Australian mother-of-pearl. High quality MAKO 120/2 and 60/1 MELANGE cotton thread is used for sewing T-shirts and polo shirts. And for sportswear 96% MAKO cotton with the addition of 4% elastin is used, which provides comfort and allows you to keep in shape. Various items of knitwear are created from high quality SULTANO 2/48 yarn (70% wool main thread + 30% double twisted silk thread) and JAIPUR 2/56 (70% cashmere + 30% double twisted silk thread), as well as 100% cotton and silk mixed with cotton GIZA 45 for the summer collection.

Significant Elements and Details

Thoughtful details not only add character to the Primo Imperatore models, but also have a symbolic meaning. The most common symbol, which, in addition to the decorative function, is also often used as a bar-tacking of seams, is the Latin symbol V. It had the right to be worn by a legionnaire of the imperial army, who emerged victorious in the first military campaign. Few soldiers wore a double V and almost none wore three. This symbol has passed through the centuries - it was in use during the Second World War, both in German troops and in Soviet ones (in an inverted version). Today it is used by carabinieri in Italy and police in the United States. This symbol is present in various models of the collection. It is embroidered tone-on-tone and is almost invisible from the back under the collar of the T-shirts. On the bar-tacks of the belt loops and on the side seams of the jeans, the V symbol is presented in double writing and in the corporate burgundy color. It is used even in such an inconspicuous detail as in the button fastenings on shirts.

To do this, special buttons made of Australian mother-of-pearl with three holes were ordered The brand logo is present on many models. It is a shield with the inscribed first letters of its name; a Latin P, pierced by a stylized sword I. Another iconic element is made in the form of an "aquila", or Roman eagle, which was the symbol of the supreme god Jupiter and the main shrine of the legion. At one time, it adorned the Roman standard, and now adorns many Primo Imperatore products along with the S.P.Q.R. abbreviation. (Senatus Populusque Romanus, "The Senate and the People of Rome"). A unique, patented Primo Imperatore, tool is used for the production of metal fixtures. The rivets are coated with 0.3% platinum and inlaid with black onyx, a symbol of strength and rigor.

Guarantee of Quality

Primo Imperatore products are protected and labeled with a special microchip, which contains information about the place of production in Italy and the order for a particular boutique. The chip refers back to the brand's website, where the collection is presented in full. Also, the brand's products are patented and have EAC certificates. Despite its young age, the Primo Imperatore brand has captured the interest of buyers and is rapidly expanding its distribution channels in the international market.