Made in Italy

PRIMO IMPERATORE the brand created by Italian designers that is the quintessence of all that is "Italian" - exceptional quality and style, unique handmade elements, comfort - this is the result of the work of Italian tailoring art masters from regions Abruzzo and Lombardy, that combine their ancient traditions with the experience of technologists (creators of the famous brands Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna) who use the latest generation techniques in production.

A great attention to every detail guarantees the high quality that emphasizes the worthy elegance of the true emperors of our time.

The reference to the glorious past of the Roman Empire is not accidental: the incredible energy of this era has brought enormous changes in the world cultural heritage.

The logo of the brand is symbolic: the eagle embodies strength, power and imperial grandeur.

Jeans are made of Japanese and Italian denim with unique accessories whose coating contains 0.30 macron platinum and gold.

In every detail of Primo Imperatore there are traces of the qualities of the invincible warrior: for example, the V sign on the side seam of jeans symbolizes the strength of the soldier, as well as the number of his victories.

Men’s shirts are handcrafted with high quality Thomas Mason fabrics, are applied three-hole Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with the symbol of victory V embroidered.

In the t-shirts and polo shirts production are used high quality yarns MAKO’120/2 and 60/1 MELANGE (100% cotton). The distinctive V symbol is embroidered under the collar of each polo shirt. Even in the production of sportswear, 96% MAKO‘ cotton is used with the addition of 4% elastam, which gives comfort tot he garnment and allows it to keep its shape.

Yarns with precious compositions are used for knitwear production: SULTANO 2/48 (70% wool, 30% double weave silk) and JAIPUR 2/56 (70% cashmere, 30% double weaving silk) in winter collections and GIZA 45 (silk / cotton and 100% cotton) in summer collections.

The hallmark of Primo Imperatore is the Black Onyx in accessories, whose exclusive use belongs to the brand. Black Onyx, a symbol of strength and rigor, is widely used in lithotherapy, as its beneficial effect on human health is known.

The embedded microchip in each garment guarantees production exclusivity for a particular boutique, contains detailed information about the product and connects directly to the website where the images of the entire collection are constantly updated.

All products are realized in Italy and have EAC conformity certificates.

Despite being recently born, Primo Imperatore brand has already conquered a large part of the market by expanding its distribution at a fairly high rate. It is currently present on the international market together with the first lines of brands such as FENDI, DOLCE & GABBANA, KITON, STEFANO RICCI, etc.

Primo Imperatore brand will surely occupy an important place in the wardrobe of modern men who choose quality, comfort and aristocratic style.